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DAT Errormonitor PRESS release

Sure about DAT?

Yes you can be!

You have finished your customers rush-order, sent him a DAT-tape. But your customer calls and tells you that there is something wrong with the tape. Sounds familiar?

How do you know what is actually on your DAT-tape you have recorded. To give an answer to this question we introduce the ‘DAT-Errormonitor’. This is a add-on to your DAT recorder which gives you a full report about what is on your tape. You only have to connect a printer to your DAT-recorder and press the ‘PLAY’-button. A detailed report will be generated while your tape plays. If you have a 4-head DAT-recorder with ‘Read after Write’ you can have the report generated while you are recording the tape. When the recording is ready you can instantly see if there where any errors while making the recording. You don't have to listen to the tape.

The detailed report will give you the following information:

With every event the corresponding (absolute)time and track will be reported. Operation is as simple as can be, just switch on your printer and start playing or recording, analysis will start automatically and when the tape ends, or you press ‘STOP’ an error summary will be printed.

You can also connect the output of the ‘DAT-Errormonitor’ to your PC and store the reports for later reference.

The ‘DAT-Errormonitor’ is available for DAT-Recorders using a SONY errorcorrection processor (e.g. CXD2601). Other types and brands on request.

Output example

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